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The Green Pill is a blog dedicated to all things bioeconomy, technological innovation, productivity, and personal development.

My name is Leyla Battista-Channell [she]. I am a Huntsville, Alabama (rocket city) native. Both my parents are mechanical engineers. From an early age, they pushed me towards a STEM career. After high school, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Biosystems Engineering at Auburn University.

Why engineering? Engineering is my absolute passion. It's so much more than a job to me. Rather, it's an identity. One that calls me to always seek out ways to make improvements and better the lives of those around me. Being an engineer and facing the challenges of a dynamic world is both invigorating and empowering.

In the fall of my Senior year, my department sent out an email about a new program, the CABLE program. CABLE stands for the Consortium for Advanced Bieoconomy Leadership Education. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant, but I was looking for ways to amp up my resume prior to graduation, so I decided to apply. I was ultimately selected to serve as the student delegate representing Auburn University. Applying to the CABLE program was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

CABLE was created as a workforce development project and developed a national network of universities, industry, and government agencies to explore and advance the emerging bioeconomy. The program emphasized leadership & personal development activities to prepare students to become bioeconomy leaders who understand the value of harnessing professional networks to work in multidisciplinary teams addressing complex issues.

Since participating in CABLE, I have begun working towards a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering while working as a project engineer in Dallas, TX. I also have continued collaborating with the CABLE team and work on multiple green tech startups. The CABLE program took my passion for innovation and leadership and directed it towards the bioeconomy. My goal is to make the bioeconomy more approachable. It is complex and technical, but if it can’t achieve widespread and mainstream support, its impact will be forever limited. I hope to help readers of variable bioeconomy literacy levels to advance their participation within the bioeconomy and develop their leadership skills.

The Green Pill is my personal blog where I talk about professional & personal development, the bioeconomy, and more!

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