Combatting the Politicization of Environmental Efforts

You may recall from my post about the importance of terms (article here) that I'm not a huge fan of the generalized and abuse of the word "sustainability." My main reason for either replacing it entirely or using it only selectively and specifically is that I believe the term has been unnecessarily politicized. As a result, environmental efforts are largely misunderstood and wrongly demonized. Ultimately, genuine efforts to improve the planet via clean technology innovation have been negatively impacted.

The problem is, we can't just split the planet into two and let two groups run it however they see fit while ignoring the shared consequences. This is why the politicization of environmental efforts is nothing short of a nefarious tact employed by individuals to rile a crowd and further alienate opposition. Now I accept that this will always be a political talking point. Still, there's a big difference between speaking over an issue and manipulating an issue. The bottom line is, "sustainability" has been manipulated.

Enter the bioeconomy. The bioeconomy is a win-win-win industry. It aligns combatting climate change with jobs and economic prosperity, and with social impact. It does not and should not have a party affiliation. It is a universal solution with everyone's well-being in mind.

It's time we realize that environmental consciousness supersedes any political affiliation because to diminish it to a mere pawn would be a grave and irreversible mistake. The bioeconomy serves to address issues, not for any person or group's personal gain; instead, the bioeconomy sets aside all bias simply for the sake of creating a better world.

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