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Leyla Battista-Channell

My name is Leyla [she]. I am a "jack of all trades" with experience as an engineer, manager, small business owner, academic & professional mentor, startup founder & coach, product developer, technical writer, content manager, front end developer, web designer, bioeconomic policy implementation specialist, business coach, and productivity guide. 

Welcome to the Green Pill! My name is Leyla, and I created Bio-Tech Talks to increase awareness of the bioeconomy and help people looking to develop themselves personally and professionally. I hope that the posts and resources shared here inspire you to grow yourself in new ways to achieve goals you may not have previously thought possible. Furthermore, I hope that my content helps to increase your understanding of the emerging bioeconomy and inspires you to work collaboratively with others to create a more sustainable future.


Here, you’ll find a host of resources focusing on the bioeconomy, industry news, technological developments, productivity, startup tips, leadership, and individual development. When I think about you  (my reader base), I think of a diverse group of individuals ranging from high school students hoping to pursue sustainable STEM careers, to senior level professionals looking to transition into bioeconomy careers, to early stage startup founders, and beyond. 

I'm here to serve as your tour guide as we explore a variety of professional topics and look to grow ourselves along the way. 

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Work / Past & current projects.

Ed W. Smith Machine Works


Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education

I have worked as a project engineer and computer aided design manager for Ed W. Smith Machine Works since 2019. We fabricate custom steel process internals for a wide variety of industrial applications including but not limited to oil & gas, biofuels, chemicals, dyes, water purification, and snow making. 

In 2018, I co-founded a green tech startup that increases the livability and sustainability of buildings. The Thermaworks device observes a variety of novel space parameters to make preemptive thermal adjustments within a space. 

My work with the CABLE program  began in 2017. I started as a student delegate representing Auburn University. I am now a fourth year delegate working on improving awareness of the bioeconomy and conducting outreach to improve the scope of relevant public policies. Additionally, I am leading an initiative to extend the life of the program past the initial grant proposal. 

Policy Implementation Consulting

As a policy implementation consultant for Aemetis, I am working to synthesize new and helpful resources geared towards increasing awareness amongst policymakers. I also work to distribute these materials and speak with key leaders about what they can do to aid in Aemetis's industry efforts. 


I am a member of the founding team for Departmynt, a sustainable, AI-driven, personal styling service. As their head of technical development, I lead technical development efforts and have created both PC and mobile versions of the solution. 

In 2020, I founded Libra, an all organic, micro-brewed, non-toxic perfumery. My products are now sold locally and online. I aim to provide products that purify your skin care routine starting with your fragrance choices.